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Dudek Nucleon WRC 29 Paramotor Wing

Lee Jackson

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I'm selling my Nucleon WRC 29 wing. I bought this wing in 2016 and have flown it for just over 70 hours before I moved on to my Nucleon XX. It has been an amazing wing to use to progress. I initially kept the wing as a spare but, in all honesty, I just don't fly it any more. As such its time to let it go. Its still in good shape and thought to have about 100+ hours on it. I'm the second owner with an instructor being the first. The wing has the added benefit of having 2D steering fitted.

It really is a great wing for Cross Country flying. Its fast and it just seems to cut through any mucky air. My Nucleon xx will bounce around whereas this wing is far more solid feeling. It launches easily and behaves well. It will land fast if you like a swoopy long energy landing (trimmed out) or if you crank the trimmers in you can just step out of the air.

I always thought I'd keep this wing, but it just seems such a waste it sitting on the shelf never being flown - so I decided to fly it one last time and sell it. I've put it on eBay so I can't change my mind!!! It may go cheap, but it will go for whatever it goes for!



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