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Repair and restoration Bailey 4V 200

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Hi!  I have  paramotor Bailey 4V 200 since 2011.  Now I need to replace the rings, chain, and chain tensioner. Who can help me to find spare parts for this engine. or knows the brand of this engine? The Creator of this paramotor does not get in touch to consult. ☹️

Thank in advance.

парамотр Бейли1.jpg

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Hello! Thanks for reply. There are many varieties of Honda engines for scooters. What type of engine, brand, was installed on this paramotor?  Who knows?  I can't find the owners of these paramotors. Can you help me to solve  my problem?  Do you now  the owners of this engine? 


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Old thread but in the interests of those searching for info:


(Cylinder head Naraku Racing for Yamaha Cygnus, BW 5ML 4V)

Anyone with a Bailey V4 motor... This is a "Naraku" performance aftermarket part for the Yamaha Cygnus and looks identical to the Bailey V4 heads with the chevron cooling fins (which I could not find on any other head kits)

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