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Air Law

Mark Pugh

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I have been flying with a kobo  mini tablet with external GPS chip fitted to show me the "Map of the Air", where I can and can't officially go. Quite happy with this and it works well in the sunlight, also pointing me back to the landing field at all time sin the flight. BUT, recently I started using EASY VFR on my mobile phone as it shows NOTAMS in my area; but it also shows a lot more restrictions, usually Ground to 2000 feet areas, that I should not fly in. Why are the two different air maps so different?

I have my Advanced Paraglider license, my BHPA POWER rating and took numerous paper exams on Air Law, but in reality I just learnt enough to get past the exam and keep out of main airways. Does anyone know why there are so many surface restrictions shown on EASY VFR App.?

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19 hours ago, alan_k said:

Tap on the particular restriction and it will bring up more info, tap on the left hand top symbol to get more info and confirm the restricted area on the map.

I can see the restrictions, it's just EASY VFR shows so many more. Near airfields, every village has a surface to 1000 feet column, there are further and larger restrictions shown around certain ground structures, prisons, masts, etc. But these have never been seen before on my Kobo mini, so have a missed a setting I need to apply on the Kobo?

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No, there are other areas where there are no towns and houses, or unusual heights. It appears to show a maximum security prison has an exclusion zone up to 2200 feet and an 8km diameter column, with a Cat B prison nearby having no exclusion zone at all. In my ignorance and following my Kobo with updated airways, I would have happily flown closer to the prison at 1000 feet as it makes a great visual turnpoint.


Labelled "EGR204-SFC-2200".  AH, just found out, this restriction applies to helicopters only except Police ops.


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