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I weigh 125kg and the Nitro 200 has no probs handling my weight unless you super fit I’d stay away from the Thor 200/250 they weigh so much it’s crippling having them on your back. 

The tornado has the power and the lightweight but as said the Nitro is plenty powerful smooth strong for us big fella’s it a game changer best motor out there after suffering heavy motors for years when the Nitro came along it changed everything for me. 


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On 11/10/2018 at 21:13, Damian Mchale said:

Hi all. I’m looking for a second hand paramotor. 


My my weight is 120kg and motor etc probably add another 30kg.


any suggestions of wings to use and anyone know any secondhand wings available?


thanks in advance


At 120kg i would 100% say 250, if your able to carry a 32kg machine our Mac Fly 250 is the lightest to my knowledge 250 on the market...  you will be able to still get great eco and have allot of power left over, We used to have a 160kg All Up pilot flying a 22m Hadron xx he could still climb at 300fpm on bar doing over 80kmh and could achieve around 4lph in eco mode.  3 hours flight time was easily possible with the standard 12 litre tank. 18 litre tank optional, 280 tornado at a guess i would say around 5.5 7lph but with less power output other options would be the Moster as well as the already mentioned Nitro and tornado

What i find very funny is when you see 80-90-100kg+ guys much bigger build than myself 70kg with chicken legs and unfit even Marie Mateos who is 55kg and flying a 250 with no problem and the bigger guys complaining they can't handle the weight!!  The only time i struggle with the weight of a 250 machine is when i have a 20 litre tank full up with fuel.... Nil wind full 20 litre tank and a sub 20m wing... Now thats a struggle!!! but how often would you want to fly for over 6-6.5 hours??   

If you have medical reasons why you need a lighter motor may be think about a trike.. 

I always ask my customers a few questions before I recommend a machine/motor combo to them, 

Body weight?


Medical Issues? 

What are your longer term goals for Paramotoring?  XC, Slalom style, Acro,  A 30 minute potter around your field.. 

How long do you want to fly for now and how long do you think you will fly or would like to in a couple of years?...  

Where do you fly? Flat lands or mountains.. 


If you just follow others you might be buying the wrong machine for you, take good advice from Your local pilots/dealers/instructors 

All the best





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I have a Nucleon 34, red, with less than 15 hours with all the bits and pieces it came with. 140-175kg weight range. Still looks new. Stored in the house, dry for 9 years in the bag. I bought it in 2010 or thereabouts and lost 25kg in weight, underweight on it and so never flew it. PM me anyone interested. I'm in Kent.

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