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RunwayHD, which one?


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I think I’d like to download this and cost isn’t as much the issue as choosing the right one. On their website there is a large choice of downloads for North/South/500k/250k/National/Maps 1-4 etc. I’m thinking National in case I go elsewhere and 250k but of course that’s the £149 option. What do I actually need as I’d like something that has easily accessed air space info and is updated constantly? I may also fly a Microlight in the next 12 months so keeping that in mind too.



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I don't want to muddy the water but the flyskyhy works for me.


As all things it what your used to but you can (and need to) down load the map for where your flying.

Once this is done your not relying on mobile data and for the spped we fly seems to work well.

There is a low cost option for air space notification and waypoint planning as add ons, I have the air space as use a standalone Garmin MAP64s for actual nav always marking new airfields for the way home.

Each flight is logged and actually the easiest tool I have for maintaining my paper log book is the FLIGHT app on my Garmin watch.


The watch app also gives me return to home automatically, Paranoid with 3 ways home, new pilot playing safe I like to think :)



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i used to use Runway HD and paid for the UK maps... I then trials Skydemon - they have a monthly plan that's quite compelling. 

But i now use Garmin Pilot. Once you program your paramotor in there (as a light aircraft but with details for paramotor and wing) it works really well.

I planned a flight up the servern yesterday and it was pretty accurate on weather and fuel consumption. 

Worth a go on the trial before biting any bullet - same with Skydemon.  

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