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Reserve Deployment

Guest francis777

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After some recent and not so recent plummets here and Stateside, I

started wondering again about the "right" way to think about reserve


I think in paragliding the briefing is to throw your reserve as a

"first response" to a large dynamic collapse below 150ft (or if in any

doubt as to the likely height loss before recovery)?

http://www.bhpa.co.uk/pdf/safety_notice ... 092002.pdf

As paramotorists we also experience other "flight compromising

malfunctions" due to thrust, torque and other effects.

We all fly with reserves? recently packed and properly mounted and

routed? and know how to deploy them?

We know that reserves can deploy at as little as 70ft and partially

deploy below that. We know that our glider will recover from a

collapse but may lose over 100ft to do so?

The recent discussion from the States talked of the pilot spending

time in conscious remedial action and who had a reserve mounted, can

I ask if he considered deploying it, and/or what the briefing is in

their club(s), and what the briefing is in ours?

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