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CURRENT Power Atlas??? Edel? Hispo? Gin?


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Hello to ALL...  I'm not a "troll"...  

I am just a helicopter pilot from Hawaii desperately trying to find out who is currently churning out the old/new Edel Power "Mattress" Atlas. I want it for a beginner wing and love the fact that the wing is solid color top to bottom. I want to be as noticeable as possible. I have watched all the videos of who loves it and who hates it and who are just dangerous a-holes kicking owls. I have asked a few who sell it... but am getting cryptic and evasive answers on who makes it. I don't care if it its the Gin family out of their garage... I just want to find the source for peace of mind before I buy one.
I blame my OCD, but I truly need to know... that is if ANYONE knows.


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