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landing fast ground speed and out of brake

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Hello. We have alot of nil wind days where I live. I've been having trouble with landing my macP charger. I set trims at neutral. From what I understand the reflex profile goes "away" with neutral trims? or am I wrong there? Anyway, I find when I come in for a landing my ground speed doesn't slow with flare. I think I might be starting my 1/4 flare too early. but I can't figure out why it seems my ground speed stays full speed even when I pull a full flare. Any advice out there? too many knee landings recently. Its fine with wind. but nil wind seems to always end up with everything on the ground that I DON'T want to be on the ground. 

I understand for a normal paraglider the flare sequence is smooth and progressive where as there's a 1/4 flare, swoop, full flare technique for reflex wings. So, my main question is this: what is the best way to slow ground speed on landing given the above? 

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I have done lots of landings in nil wind and very hot air (makes the landing even faster). In nil wind use trims fully in as this slows you down before you even start to land. I don't do the 1/4 flare thing, I save all the flare for the main pull. On most wings you can take a wrap of the brakes to remove the slack from the lines - wrap the brake line around your hand, but keep hand fully up. I do 3/4 flare when 6 feet from the ground, then the last part of the flare as the final adjustment to get on the ground.   

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Andy: I hadn't yet changed my trims from neutral for landing. Does this make a big difference? Looks like that's my next test flight. Thanks for the suggestion.

Steve: (excellent first name btw :-D) So far, being pretty new, I maintain altitude. I'm not yet very confident in my skills for field surfing, but definitely look forward to it!

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