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Hi folks.

Been skulking around this site on and off for a few years now,  it’s good to see its fairly active and hasn’t decamped to that facebooky thing.

So, here’s where I’m at. I recently received a  little financial windfall and after longing to get back in the air since my hang gliding days (some 15 years ago) I decided to use this money to fix the urge.

To some, I have gone about things entirely wrong in that I have purchased a paramotor before training!

I know for sure that any expendable income would have dwindled away during a training period on other less interesting things leaving me grounded, and so making the whole idea redundant.

In a good way I am now “locked in” and can afford training from my normal income, and  15 years of research and picking peoples brains should ensure I’ve got a flyable, if slightly dated setup (worst case scenario is I sell and replace if not so).

Now I am not kidding myself that I can sidestep training which will be forthcoming, I remember doing my hang gliding in the Autumn which I quite liked and am located near Doncaster and I am aware of nearby training schools.

So hopefully I should be trained and away in the next few months.

Thanks to all on this forum for the previous information I’ve gleaned and for future advice I might request.



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