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Swingarm to wing connection

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I wasnt going to post this as I thought it might be a bit of a daft question but its bugging me. On my setup I have the swing arms with holes and in one of the holes there is the D-shackle. Attached to that there is a kind of loop of double thickness webbing and connected to that is the carabiner.

So, if the d-shackle was to snap -the entire connection to that side of the wing is gone.  An unlikely scenario I would imagine but I wondered how strong the shackles were. Its the ones that came the motor. I haven't changed anything. The carabiner has a rating thats printed on it and I know the webbing will be strong - but I just wondered how strong. What can the webbing take and what can the d-shackle take in terms of pounds/kilos before failure? If someone either knows or can hazard an educated guess, it would be most welcome.



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From a standard  datasheet on  D-shakles 

Different grade of material will change the out came as well as the way in witch the loading is attatched to the shackle 

6mm bolt diameter on shackle

Working load 0.33 ton

Safety factor  1:6

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Hi -thanks for the responses. Forgive my wording....It was specifically the D Shackle and also if poss a rough guess at the webbing -its tough stuff by the feel of it.... The carabiner already has the K/N on it and as you say Andy, it can hold a lot. There should be a picture attached now -I need to get some lock wire for the bolt -but a quick measure of it show that its 6mm


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Is the webbing usually nylon? Been looking at both polyprop and nylon webbing strengths -

According to a Google search:

The break strength of a webbing material is the maximum stress or load that can be applied to the fabric before failure or it breaks. Polypropylene has a break strength of 700 pounds, Nylon is 2,500 to 7,000 pounds and Polyester is 2,000 to 10,000 pounds.15 Jan 2015


... I think either way that there is a good amount of strength from carabiner to swing arm, looking at the third of a ton on the shackle, 20 odd K/N (320 stone - I know I have put on a bit of weight but l should be fine with these carabiners..) in the carabiner and the triple webbing . 

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