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Need my first flight - help!

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Hi folks,

I attended a block training course this Summer, got right up to the point where the instructors told me I was ready to fly - and then weather and other constraints prevented that first flight from happening. The instructors have now left the UK until next July. I'm desperate to get that first flight and don't want to wait ten months while what I've learned goes stale.

The problem is that other instructors aren't keen on "finishing my training." I completely understand that. But having spent a large sum of money training up to that first flight, I really don't want to pay again for a complete newbie's course when the chances are high that I'll fly the first day.

Can anybody suggest a good instructor who would be willing to be paid by the day, just to get me into the air for my first two or three flights? I live near Glastonbury in the South West and am happy to drive for 2-3 hours to get to a flying site. I don't have my own motor or wing.

Hoping you can help

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On 29/08/2018 at 16:41, falcon1 said:

I have places you can fly from but am also a beginner myself. im in Bristol. let me know :)

Thanks Falcon. That would be great but I need to get a few instructor-led flights first!

Think I'm just going to have to start phoning around some schools and begging for help!

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