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ConceptOne and DIY in general.

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Thinking of getting a light motor and done lots of research. I like the idea of the top 80 and have read good things. The PAP top 80 1400 is certainly top or near the top of the list for various reasons (low hang points is another criterion). I've been quoted GBP3850 for a new one, ouch, so have been looking at my finances and other options (I guess the weak pound against the euro is not helping). I haven't seen any come up second hand. Someone gave me the URL below which has thrown a new possible angle of attack into the equation.

Has anyone had experience of this company:


They are basically selling the idea of buying their generic lightweight frame (ConceptOne) which is compatible with a variety of the popular motors (including the top 80) and putting the components together yourself. They also supply a ready to fly top 80 machine for USD4300 = GBP2140 = a lot less than GBP3850. I realise there'll be duty/tax/shipping from the US etc.

But if you just got the frame (kit of parts) from them and sourced the engine and ancillary parts yourself (from Italy) you could probably do it a lot cheaper than that (ie not having to import a ready to fly machine). I can't find a price for the top 80 on the miniplane website. Lets assume GBP800 for the engine (total guess, may be way out), 250 for harness, frame is 600, ancillaries 400.

= 800 + 250 + 600 + 400 = a very light brand new motor for GBP2050.

Feel free to shoot this idea down in flames because thats probably what it deserves but I'd be interested in anyone whose done similar to this or who knows why it is probably a really bad idea.


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I would say it's a bad idea because you can buy a few hours old paramotor for the same price, it would be ready to go - no ordering from loads of different places and then having to build it yourself.

There is a top 80 here for £1850ONO and we have seen Parajets on this forum with wings for £2300.

Saying that - if you are up for a challenge and you want to fly your own build then go for it, money can't buy job satisfaction.

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Thanks, yes good points. I've been trying to contact that seller but no joy. Also I already have a wing from my free flying which rules me out of looking at wing / engine combo's which make up quite a few of the packages on sale (unless of course its so cheap that I can just keep the wing as a spare). Cheers.

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It really depends what the frame and harness is like. As you say you can get a good motor and plug it into pretty much any frame but not every frame and harness system is the same. In fact motors are more "the same as each other" than the other components. PeteB bought a parajet frame and fitted a simonin engie in it. he had (has) particular design objectives so chose to fullfill them through the DIY route.

I agree with Dan if youare just trying to get the price down. But if you have a particular system that you want to implement then what you suggest is probably the only way to do it.

I have had some ideas about making a more enclosing cage to support the weight of the motor on the ground and as a roll system and crumple system for falling over and crashing. I also want to get into a more reclined position and have a fairing in front to smooth the airflow to the prop. I am experimenting with GRP and carbon fibre/kevlar and the "frame" is nothing like what is currently "out there".

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Had a look at the kit . All slots together , no welding. What is the all up weight and how does it compare for price with, say a RAD for weight and price? Thats the other thing you wont get with this method, factory service! If my parajet goes wrong I can get the bits the same day if I drive to wiltshire, same with RAD if you are around Oxford.

Also I thought the swinging arms on this kit are too puny. That component takes little load in normal flight bu with an asymetric or some other violent event and you can get side loads on these that would bend a girder.

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Hi Francis, Yeah lack of factory service was the biggest 'con' I could think of. Luckily there's a motor available I can finish my training on so there's no rush to get my own. Just bought a house so I've got no dosh to play with. Just seduced by the idea of having exactly what I want, brand new and at a price I can('t) afford.

Weight wise it should be comparable with supposedly the lightest offerings. I've heard the miniplanes are very light but this should be lighter**

**bare in mind I'm new to the PPG scene and actually don't know what I'm on about.

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I think everyone has spent a good deal of time looking at all the info on the web about paramotors. I chose one for shear strength and power (cos I'm heavy and didn't wish to break props at 100 to 300 quid a go) I've flown it for a year but now it's beeen superceded by the Flat-top.

I dont know many units that would stand up to this. Their 160 cc model weighs about 22 to 23 kg I think. Look up RPMPPG on youtube and see one flying the strong arm of the law tandem. Bill Heaner demonstrates some really nice ground handling too. Wish I could!


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