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Oxfordshire training

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Firstly, hello :D

I'm looking to get into the sport after taking a (semi?) permanent break from skydiving. It may not happen this year - I need to apply for the necessary permit from my local authority (my wife) first.

However, a work colleague has expressed an interest in paramotoring so I though it'd be a good time to look into which instructors are nearby (from Oxford). 

He's a little wary of forking out for a course just to discover he hates it so is also wondering if there's anyone he can approach to go for a tandem flight first - any suggestions? 


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Ultimately there is no difference (in the sense that you will learn how to fly) The PMC training offers more time (unlimited, until you get to the end of the course). 

We teach several people each year who only got 'half way through' the APPI training, so logistics and the weather are both something to think about. :-)

Welcome to the Paramotor Club! :-)


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I did an intensive course which was 6 days and resulted in my first solo flight at the end.  It was before the APPI existed but with the same people.

With hindsight, if i was doing it again I think I would accept it taking longer and go with training PMC style as I think it would have ended in a more rounded pilot and without the rush of trying to get me in the air within the week. (Two days of the 6 were unflyable and not even suitable for ground handling).

Of course for every opinion the same as mine, you will get an equal number complete opposed to me and none of us are wrong, it's just personal choice.

I'd say get yourself along to a flying field and meet some people, watch some training and it will all start to become clear which route for training will suit you best.   And a tandem flight will give you a great idea on what it's actually like too, so well worth doing that.



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I'm leaning towards the PMC route anyway and don't really have the annual leave to go taking a week off whenever I like in order to do an intensive course. 

I've spent enough time under a canopy to know I'll definitely enjoy it but a tandem may help encourage my colleague.

I'm guessing Simon's the best bet for an instructor local to Oxford? 

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I did 2 lots of 6 days training with Sktschool in Spain. The first 6 days I used their kit, the second 6 days I used my own kit that I had bought in between. This followed the full APPI training manual and I did 15 solo flights covering all the skills listed. After this I felt confident enough to go fly on my own. In fact I did 2 flights on my own on a beach in France while driving back from Spain.....literally on my own, 5.00 am and not a sole in sight!  My following 25 flights were also all on my own. Then I attended Parafest and the PMC flyin. 

Then, having got to a reasonably proficient standard, I found another flyer not too far from me (Poz). He has over 10 years experience and flys for a living. The extra bit of tuition I got from him and just observing him gave me a great boost. 

I found doing the training quickly was great for me. But also key was being able to go and fly by myself, with my own kit straight away and it being kit that I was completely familiar with as I trained on it. To really iron out skills and become very proficient needs some help further down the line, so flying with someone else is important.

I also read many times the "Paramotor Bible" and watched all the Youtube videos of paramotor accidents!

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