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It is beyond belief what some people will do before their brain kicks in.

On Thursday of this week in the evening myself and a couple of friends decided we would have a flight to round off the day. So we got kitted up and lined up to take off. I was first up and circled in the agreed area and waited for the other two pilots to join up before heading out. Now I will skip forwards just a little. There is a large farm to the southwest of our takeoff  field who know have issue with paramotors flying in this area, although they have never approached us directly to discuss the matter but they have circulated the word in such a way which has got back to us. Early in the spring they mowed the words F**K OFF in very large letters at the end of the field adjacent to our boundary-this is only visible from the air. So back to the flight. As we grouped up at a thousand feet and headed out I saw a thin trail of smoke from the floor and I guess at 400 feet it burst and looked like a palm tree kind of thing. I was probably 500 feet across from the front of the farm and the other pilot was i'm guessing somewhere about the same distance behind the farm. It seems that someone on the ground in the farmyard had launched an aerial firework in our general direction, I could see people standing around on the ground near the point where the smoke trail had started from.

I am in the process of reporting this to the BHPA and also it has been reported to the police who did seem quite interested in the matter and will certainly be looking into it further. 

I cannot imagine how somebody in this day and age when it is common knowledge that you cannot fly drones near aircraft, shine lasers at aircraft or suchlike think that its ok to launch fireworks at a PPG. My thought are that they dont really see us as aircraft in the truest sense of the word so think hey -I will just launch a rocket to show them my displeasure.  The matter has infuriated me massively for lots of reasons; the person concerned has little or no idea of the altitude capabilities of said firework, has no idea of how the firework will behave once the fuse is lit, and had no idea of our height in relation to the fireworks capabilities. I am under no illusion as to weather they knew I was in the area as I had circled for 5 minutes while waiting for my fellow pilots to join up so it was 100% a purposeful act.

I would love to hear other pilots views on this please.



I am looking at the possibility of adding a low fuel warning L.E.D system to my motor. I don't really fancy the whole fuel gauge thing as it looks like too much Ag. There was an article here posted years ago from a guy who had lights to warn of low fuel but this seemed to suggest he had an electric start and so a battery for a power source. I have no such luxury as I am a pull start kinda guy. Does anyone have some definitive ideas and diagrams etc please. Also where would be the best place to mount them?



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A few weeks ago a farmer stole my windsock and pole while I was away flying. As I landed he was shouting and swearing from the other side of a hedge, then ran away, coming back five minutes later to fire his shotgun over our heads, then scarpered again. Total nutter. I'd got permission to fly from the landowner but in the 'confusion' he just seemed to want to prove what a maniac he is. Never had a farmer problem in all of my flying until then - people can be very odd. 

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Thanks guys. Our group along with our local microlite school have used this field for 8 years or more. Sure there has been the occasional moan from a few neighbours which we have found middle ground but never have we had anything fired at us. 

Some farmers seem to be stuck in the 50's. GIT ORF MOY LAAAAAAND. I am sure the police will sort it. Luckily for him none of us were filming as it was early in the flight 

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10 hours ago, Steve said:

coming back five minutes later to fire his shotgun over our heads

Report this,he will lose his SGC,as for the guy firing the fireworks if I had felt he was deliberately letting them off in my direction while airborn I would have landed then gone round and had a word.

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I cant say that I wasnt tempted to put down and go and have a chat but, I would have been faced with a possible angry mob and also I would have had a tricky exit strategy as I am sure they would have been anything but willing to allow me an unhindered take off. I am a SGC owner myself so of course have to play things very carefully so as not to upset plod....and also I wouldnt want to appear to be as bad as Mr farmer. 

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