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Flattop harness

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The words 'Quick release' are words that I don't like to see alongside 'flying' 

If your a decent pilot, you wont put your self in a situation where you need it (basically water) in which case the lines will most likely be the thing that get's you. 

Anyone who arrives at our field with a quick release harness (normal a Fresh Breeze) is told to secure them before flight (as in make them not work!)

It's only an opinion, but its one that I feel fairly positive about. 


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I flew a FT and yes I agree with Simon it’s not the best system with a flick you have the potential to be free from the harness which is a scary thing. As much as I loved my FT I would always pop a cable tie through the quick release lever a thin cable tie which with a really good jerk would snap it’s much safer. 

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