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Herne Bay Site???

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Hi All

Am going to Herne Bay at the weekend does anyone know of any site in or close to this area thats suitable for flying from???

I am aware of the sand martins nesting area's to the east of the town and plan to stay well clear so was looking for a suitable field or area west of the town 

or inland a bit.

As am not from the area i would appreciate all the help i can get to avoid any sensitive area's 



Ps:  just so you know that am not some  random nutter anyone who went to this year's PMC flyin  would have flow from our local site that the event was held on and am a member of the 

M.A.D. Paramotoring  Team


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Hi Pete i phoned fly high skysports  the guy i spoke to was not interested in helping me, did''t get his name, Not happy with BHPA members, Don't allow visitors to use or fly from there site, as he said 


Thats life

Glad am not just getting into this sport after our short sharp chat.

Spoke to maypole Airfield totally different very friendly very helpful but don't allow paramotors to fly from there airfield


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Is there a site in Herne bay?? well if there is i never found it, But i came back from Kent with much much more FRIENDSHIP, The Kent Guys made me feel very welcomed only to happy to help, i felt like I've known the guys for years but only meet them, We had a great flight over the country side and down the coast of Kent with stunning views of the sea and land and to land as the sun was setting just AWESOME.

A big THANK YOU  to the Kent Guys 

A big THANK YOU to Frosty

From one very HAPPY CHAPPY


Pauly :D:D:D:D:launchland:

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Hey up mate, it was a real pleasure to meet you and fly alongside you too. I am glad you enjoyed our part of the sky and I agree...  the sunset was super awesome too- I ordered it specially far ya! I will keep you in the frame as far as bbq is concerned.

Take care chap.


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Hello all

I'm new to this forum/club and not exactly sure how it works.
Apologies if I get it wrong.
I'm about to start taking Paramotorclub's and looking for somewhere close to CT15 5JS (Martin Mill, between Deal and Dover) where I could

1. get lessons,

2.fly from, 

3. Get some advice about which equipment to buy: which make, what specifications, and which wing.

I've been offered a Paramotor pap f200 for about £2000, It has approx 20hrs flying bought new in 2013.. Xl harness, reserve parachute ,2 2blade wooden props and a 3 blade carbon propeller as well.
Any comments, observations or advice?

I am a total newbie, so advice much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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Don't buy a Paramotor before you have flown one. 

Annoyingly, there are plenty of people out there happy to sell new (excited and keen) new pilots their old junk. We have seen all sorts on our field that quite honestly the people that sold them are knobs at best! lol 

Just wait it out, use the schools kit for your training and get advice from others (as you are doing here) before buying stuff :-) 

Welcome to the Paramotor Club 


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