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Nviuk Link ? thoughts?

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17 hours ago, Durden said:

Has anybody flown the Nviuk Link wings, are they any good? There doesn't seem to be many reviews online. Thank you, D. 

I have 2 and ha've flown them for the past 3 years. I really like them as they are stable, easy to launch, and not too fast. 

Also, when in the mood, they can really be throw around. 

For what it's worth I recommend the Link. My previous wing was a Paramania Revo 2 which I flew for 5 years and also liked, The glide ratio was terrible, but that served me very well for getting into small landing zones. Not so well when I lost my engine.

I think they are on the verge of bringing out a new wing? But I heard that a while ago.

Hope this helps.


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