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Moster 185 200+hour exhaust ring.

admin (Simon W)

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To all the Moster owners out there... 


I have recently imported some exhaust rings which the manufacturer claims will exceed 200 hours of use!! (as apposed to the normal >25 hour...) 

There will shortly be 5 units on trial, to include the school 185 (so 25 hours wont take long) when the first test until reached 100 hours and is still intact, I will be bunging these up for sale as a direct replacement for the factory fitted units that fail to function correctly. 

Details will be posted here. 




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I have a Moster 185 Elelctric start which I got in April this year from UKPPPG.   Not only is it one of the first electric start Mosters it turns out it also has a new exhaust ring. I only discovered this when I went to do a 30hr exhaust ring check. 

The blackened ring has done 30hrs, it is deeper, thicker and has a recess which the exhaust section sits snuggly into. Looking at the lack of ware on the exhaust and ring I don't see why it shouldn't do a hundred hours +. I cant see any difference between this exhaust and other Moster exhausts bar the ring.


IMG_6293 (1).JPG


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So this is a quote from Matt Minyard,

"Motor tips!

Some people said they didn’t know which ring to change - let’s clear this up.. the moster engine has different size brass rings in the exhaust, some models have big ones some have small ones, only one on each engine. One size for each model

It’s known that they were all small rings at first & then the dual starts were delivered with larger rings

Now all the engines are produced with larger rings

Some older models have a small ring 
Small rings should be changed at 25 hours

Some models have a larger ring (dual starts & new manual starts from this point forward) 
Larger rings last at least 50 hours

To buy some extra time on either ring we have found a little lubrication goes a long way, like wd40 or any spray you have to try some before you fly & notice the better results, less friction = less wear

that’s my motor tip of the day - enjoy

Thanks for your attention & please comment below if you have any questions or want to follow along to have more tips!

Let me know if there is something you need assistance with & how I can help you





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