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Adventure F3


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Hi, I have an old F3 with the Solo 210.  I took it apart a while ago to refurb and tidy up.  I took photographs of which wires went where and labeled some of them..Unfortunately I lost my phone and all the photos showing wire locations have gone.  I know where they all go apart from the three in the attached images.  The three connectors I know attach to a relay but I don't know where.  I have attached a couple of picture showing the wires and you and see the relay and pins in the background, green, red/white and black.  If you have any idea which wires go where that would be great.




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12 minutes ago, kiwi k said:

Tony not home currently but if you enlarge picture would it be Wires 28 28, 1 coming from AL23  earth + 1 coming from Dem5 Battery going to connection 2  on Dem19 relay.

But going by your top picture you have all wires connected to the relay and none on Reg so might be AL14 Reg bottom right wire number 22+60(22 fuse 60 On-Off swich.

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