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Looking for Adventure F4 Silencer


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Hi Alan,

I fly an Adventure A3 and have got a few contacts for spares. Adventures own site will get you all the spares but at a cost. For cages would reccomend getting a Nirvana one much better quality less likely to bend and do your prop in a minor spill.

Needs a little adjustment either cut half inch off the bottom bit where they go into the tube in the chassie and add it to the top or drill out the rivets on the tube and move the tube up half inch and re-rivet.

Props I get either from TP propellors in Thailand at 75-80 quid delivered or I've got a ground adjustable coming from GSC systems in Canada I think thats 130 quid delivered.

Mojo's gear in the states does almost all the spares and with the exchange rate just now has to be cheaper than buying in france.

Other than that keep an eye on ebay just recently I picked up a new condition harnness and a fuel tank for my A3 on there.

Hope thats some help.

Cheers Col....

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Hi Phil,

I think your right it isnt thee same the only diffrence's between the A3 and the F3 that I know of is the tuned head and exhaust and the rev counter /hour meter thats in the throttle grip. Oh and a slightly different prop to make use of the increase in power and thrust the tuned components give . If anyone knows different then do tell.

The shoe box exhaust would work but you would notice the drop in power and it may not rev out with the A3 prop being a bit coarser pitch.

I think its the shape of the exhaust pipe thats important so you could get away with fitting a motorcycle silencer of roughly the same size as the original. Thats what I would have a go at first.

Cheers Col.....

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I did read somewhere else about the Nirvana cage being a good alternative and god knows my Adventure cage has seen some bends and scrapes!

My silencer has corroded on the ball like joint where it joins the rest of the exhaust. I've since been advised to grease these areas regularly as they corrode from the inside out.

I'll check out Mojos Gear to see what they've got to offer.



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