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Pilot who makes his own aircraft...

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Thought this might be of interest...


Last week I sold a motor harness to someone online and was curious about the kit they were using. Turns out it was an Indian chap who builds his own 'aircraft'. He built his own small paramotor using what looks like the DLE 170 engine.


He tells me he is going to use my harness for a special project where instead of a wing he will use rotors (and paramotor) so it will be like wearing an autogyro:


He has also been doing this:






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That's Danny yes he makes his own paramotors and he even made a harness, but if you ever meet him he's only about 4.5 feet tall and ways about 6 stone when wet thru :D, he flies from a few fields we go to and he such a character, No helmet got a Turban instead. 

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