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Mersea Fly-in


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Fly-in. Friday 22- Sunday 24 June 2018.
Draft, things may change.nearer the time

Flight deck – 1st Field
Refuelling- 1st Field...
Warming engines – 1st field
Spectators –Taped area, 1st Field
Camping/Parking – 2nd Field
(No warming of engines refuelling of motors in the camping/parking field.

Fees: - Non-member pilots £30 for the weekend - family members free
Non-members can join for £15 and then pay a further £10 for the weekend saving £5 - family members free
Members Lemmings/Footflight £15 for the weekend. - family members free
Pilot Yearly members £5 - family members free
Pilot Day Ticket £10
Visitor's camping £5 per day

BBQ Saturday food. Burgers and sausages kindly donated by Chip shop. Bring your own rolls.

Flying times
Saturday from 8 am onwards after being briefed
Sunday from 8.30 am onwards after being briefed

No low flying over flight deck/campsite or car park
Fee to be paid when arriving. Registration form to be completed stating who insured with. All pilots to read rules, study map and sign. Then a wrist band will be issued to wear.
Chief marshall and marshalls will be on site.

No dogs in the launch area

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