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Air conception nitro 200

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Well just thought I would keep you all up to date got my new air conception nitro 200 in early March this year. the weather since then as been all over the place. not to mention work .At the moment I have put  8 hours on the clock,there's been a few things that I have had to get used too, like the throttle ,having had a parajet  macro for 8 years just usiing  different fingers to operate the throttle was very off putting at the start.and then there's the clutch when you throttle off the powers off,not like the macro when you power off you power" down "So how do I feel about it now , I love it the throttle seems out of the way not so much a hand full if you know what I mean,and the quick response from the clutch power on power off.And the last thing the weight, this has made such a big difference to my take offs and landings ,Had 

got it all sorted before I had the air conception, but it's so much more fun. I heard it said that  the air conception nitro 200 is a game changer ,well for me at 62 years old just when I thought I might have to think about having to stop ,now thanks to air conception sky's the limit. Geoffw. Ps Big  thanks to Vince at CUSTUM AIR  top class service thanks Vince.

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