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Take off and landing locations

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Hi Guys,

So I am starting training towards the end of this month but in the meantime, it has got me thinking about where I could take off and land in my local area (Tamworth B77).

What are your strategies for finding a take-off and landing location, do you just find a field and hope no one notices, do you speak to local farmers? If so, do you offer them anything etc? Please correct me if I have this all mixed up but I do not know anyone personally who owns a field...

There is a massive fenced off field directly opposite my house which is owned by a school, probably talking roughly 6 football pitches in size. Should I speak with the school, what's in it for them? etc.

Thanks in advance.


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hmm if your starting training?? as mentioned.. so where is the field your training on? ill correct you .as your a bit mixed up ...whos training you? wheres the training location? ask the instructor for information?   or are you training yourself? little bits of info that can get mixed up? and as for the roughly 6 football pitches in size.you're an adult you decide whats best for you? and not us = strangers........ who nothing about you.  converse with people such as landowners then while thinking then decide whats best for you..

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Hi Richard,

I think the best thing is to basically start knocking on doors.  You can find out who owns a piece of land online from land registry, it does cost a couple of quid but if the land is ideal for you then it's probably worth the punt.

I think the general consensus is not to offer payment up front as it places certain liabilities on the land owner which they may not want, but if you get some land, look after it like it's your child!  Do everything to get on well with the owner, use it as per any guidelines from them and maybe a few gifts here and there would help lubricate the friendship ;-)  (Booze seems to be a second currency in the uk)

The when you start flying from it, don't upset the neighbours by buzzing around too much and you should be golden!



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Thanks Andy,

The last thing I want to do is annoy people in my area by taking off without permission etc, I hear that quite a lot of farmers already have bad experiences with light aircrafts etc. I have heard of people offering to make a donation to the air ambulance service in exchange to use their land, this backs up what you have said about liability on the land.

My plan would be to take off and then go off to fly somewhere else and come back later on to land.

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