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Interesting Video!

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If its all about selling the dream I buy the video. However I have just received my Parajet Macro. It looks like a work of art. Runs beautifully and its made in southern England.

I can't speak of the black hawk but, as Simon W says you are buying into the brand and the point of sale is the beginning of the product cycle. I cant speak for everyone but we exist in a small specialist area of mechanical engineering. Things go wrong and it is the mark of a company that is happy to publish its mistakes and fix them online in public display. I hope this forum encourages others.

I am happy to wait until parajet get their hand luggage flying machine

let me know how it goes if you get one.


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A bit of spin in places but no more than most manufacturers.!

I have flown Pap and PJ swinging arm systems and have never experienced any torque or ritch instability.

Interesting developments in harness design:

curved bars behind your back and extra padding (obvious but not common)

claims of PG like weight shift with a new "geared swining arm" (would like to see and test that)

Claims of high hang point permitting PG like weight shift (need convincing with a demo)

A free mirror to check your lippy before landing on the beach (very useful)

Claims of easy to get into harness destroyed by pilot dropping (and not parking) the left brake to quickly scratch his bum!

Claims of light weight destroyed by power lift of motor above head just prior to hernia!!

Great Flight bag and comprehensive de-rig of one frame and cage option.

Some great ideas here but a completely new concept? Not too sure about that

Show me a harness that lets you recline to a PG like flying position and that weighs in at under 17kg tanked up and I might get excited.

But always good to see a nicely put together video that includes someunintentional flaws to keep it real.

NB Black Hawk also do a wing deal. Look very carefully at the wing they offer (as with every all-in deal you are offered). PM me if you want my opinion.

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I have the black hawk with the black devil 172cc engine. I bought it second hand from a guy in the States & I really like it, plenty of power, very comfy ( although I hav'nt done any long flights yet so I should say very comfy so far!). I would say it was excellent value at under £2K for a motor which was pretty much brand new (3 hours), so for me it seemed the perfect motor to fit my budget. As very much a newbie I can't compare with much but I think it is well made. I have the suitcase model but to be honest I never strip it down & find it a lot easier to put it on my modified bike rack- infact i have just ordered the new double ring cage as a retro fit as it wil give a bit more protection just in case I have any dodgy landings (touch wood so far I have'nt but props are pretty pricey & I know the day will come when I do'nt have the perfect landing!!). So I would say have a good look around at what is on offer but if you like the look of the black hawk- it may be worth a closer look.

Hope you find what suits you.


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