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Hello from a New Member from Dartmouth Devon.

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0Hi all,

Thank you for letting me join your group.

I have been considering getting into paramotoring for a while, and have considered going up to wiltshire (as in Devon) to try it out at Sky School, as I can't seem to find anywhere in Devon.

I see they do a 12 day course for over £1200! as a complete novice do you guys and girls feel this would be a well worth investment, or better still is there anyone in devon willing to show me the ropes?

Maybe if there are any members here close to me I could meet up with you for a chat etc and take through the gear required and any other useful information.

Many Thanks,

Chris Walker.


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Hi Chris, 

My personal feelings are that a crash course in the UK is almost certainly not going to happen. I advise people against the idea as the reality is that of 12 days, you may get 5-6 of them that are useful for training and that's being optimistic!!. 

Welcome to the Paramotor Club :-)



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Hi Chris,

I learnt last year at Skyschool in Wiltshire - they are based there for July/August then move back to Italy and the Oman (so they follow the weather) then went to Italy for my second week a few months later.

To echo what Simon said - its difficult to get 2 consistent weeks of weather to learn in the UK - where they fly in Italy is spectacular and the early morning and late evening conditions are very good for learning to fly plus the Skyshool team are professional and the training is very thorough.

Although you have some additional costs in Italy like flights onsite accommodation its a brilliant place to learn - but the first week in the UK gave me a good idea of whether i wanted to get my licence (which i did ?)


Good luck 



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Hi Chris,

I did the 2 week Sky School coarse in Italy last year starting from nothing. It's quite intensive doing 6 days per week for 2 weeks. After the first week I had about 3 solo flights. By the end of my second weeks I had 15 flights and felt pretty competent. I think there was only 1 day where the weather was not suitable for flying. Overall I think it was well worth the effort and was good value for money


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Hi Chris

Ive just started and had my first Sat & Sun with Simon and his crew at Membury last weekend.  

It was a great introduction and everyone there made you feel really welcome.  A great mix of people from newbies like me, people getting ready for their first flight and guys who have been flying for years.  I learnt a lot just from talking to the people there and everyone was happy to answer all my newbie questions.

I was straight into ground training and the instruction was excellent and they let you do at your own pace and were really patient with me.

I've obviously still got a long way to go and can't wait to get back there this weekend (weather permitting!)



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Shorehambeach - you mentioned “get my licence”. Licensing (and airworthiness) for footlaunch aviation in the UK is deregulated so you do not hold a licence. You can hold a rating from any particular organisation or association but not a licence.

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