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Keeping a low profile

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The US doesn't have the 500' rule either - I wonder how many countries do for the microlight.

Makes me cringe when I see folks chasing animals or scaring flocks on purpose wherever they are.

We've had visitors from the US who cannot legally fly their PPGs in Canada, despite being more capable pilots then many of those who invited them. They were briefed on the air regs and asked nicely to respect them, but every day habits are hard to shed when on vacation. I was waiting for the phone call after they left, but it never came. whew.

The size of our aircraft lets us get away with things that other pilots cannot, but it just takes one call to aviation authorities to make an investigation happen by law. A friend had his training field investigated when a nearby bed and breakfast complained. They were found to be within the rules, but no good came from it and it could have been avoided had they chosen to do their circuits in the opposite direction. Fly safe folks and respect local pilots/laws so we all get to keep flying.

I see a pilot was granted an air operator aerial photo license in paramotormag - had been shooting before his license was granted. Another breech of regs for anyone selling aerial photos in Canada, US, UK and many (most) others. How does one blur the line to get away with this? Tips? PM me if you're shy ;-)

I know folks are doing it, and *we're* eating it up and supporting them to get more of the sport in our armchairs. Some are flying illegally and/or in illegal airspace and all are indirectly profiting from the video/photos shot in the air.

I know the spirit of the law is to remove the risks of aerial photography from a recreational pilot, but a law that makes selling the photos illegal does nothing to protect a pilot who shoots them anyway. It just separates the motivation from the act.

What should we do?

1) Shoot all we want for personal use

2) Shoot it and sell it, the man can't keep us down

3) refrain from shooting anything (hahahahahahaha, snort, hahahee)

4) Shoot it and publish it anonymously like so many frightened authors before us

5) Shoot it and wrap it up in an artistically produced dvd under artistic license.

6) Lose the chatter about something we all agree to ignore.

7) Present a skillset test to transport authorities that they may be assured an air operator photography license is issued to a capable and safe pilot (in an uncertified aircraft no less).

Smells like a poll...

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