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This evening I had the best flight I have had this year!

I feel so lucky to be able to say that twice in a row!! (when everyone is moaning about the weather as well!! )I think its this darn motor!!! Its getting me even more addicted than I already was! Giles you swine! :wink: Well and Mr Dudek Synthesis! your one too!

How will I ever get any work done now!

OK so,

I filled up the Parajet, and ran out of petrol over my landing field after a 2 hour 20 min flight. I was chasing 3 ballons but got trapped in to the (They are fairly close) thing and was sure that there was airspace in between us but did not want to turn over my map as I needed it for my route. I was wishing I had fitted my speed bar at the time but if I had used it I would have landed out somewhere short of home from running out of petrol.

I have taken a few pics and will shrink them and uplaod them when I have got over my plesent buzz in about 5 days time :wink:

Well it seems its the late bird who catches the biggest worm at the moment. :lol:

I now feel more ready than ever for the Dartmoor trip we have planned in August. I have just been reminded how much great fun this sport is, I dont think I could ever replace it.


O yhe I landed to an awesome sunset the reddest I have seen, Pics on my phone as I filled up my camera card on the flight.

Cheers all.

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Hi All,

After reading about Simon's latest flights with his new Parajet motor I feel

that I am quickly developing some form of "Simonitis".

I've never even seen a paraglider but Simon's latest reports had me filled with

awe and envy !! So much so that when I had finished mowing the grass to-day I was tempted to

attach a few straps to the mower and put it on my back and quickly sew a few bed sheets

together and have a go at this paragliding thingy !! I noted the label on the mower listed it at 26 KG

............akin to the parajet !!!

I live in a "paramotors paradise" and yet I have never seen one grace the skies hereabouts !!

To-day's weather was brilliant .....the first "settled day" in a long time and I imagine ideal for

"the sport". So I'm on a steep learning curve re this paragliding thingy because I don't see

why Simon should have "all the highs" to himself !!

Am much enjoying this forum and looking forward to those pics Simon !!

Para Regards to all and Cheers.... Aquarius Flyer.

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