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Alternate Netting

James Troup

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Hi all,

I have a TAG Paramotor which uses the standard 'universal netting' which whilst functional, I believe looks rubbish with its large Velcro surround. So I'm exploring other options and wondering if other people have re-done the netting on their frame and can offer some advice?

I quite like the Parajet solution of the clip on plastic tube, but it seems over priced, very blue and the large openings at the bottom leave a lot to be desired. I wonder what type of plastic is used and if it can be recreated as a DIY project?

I'm also not adverse to drilling the alloy frame for riveting a net on. And tips on this?

Finally, what type of netting is now preferred? I see knotless types, 20mm-50mm? Single filaments etc

Many thanks



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