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Newbie advice on seconhand equipment.

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Hi Guys, ok newbie to ppg but old pg pilot. Im looking at starting ppg just need some advice on equipment. I can get a pap ross 125 with 30 hours airtime on it together with a Revo 2 wing, I know its older equipment but is it still good to start with  newbie paramotor pilot, but been paraglibing for 8 years.  My weight is 80 kg , pap 125, Revo 2  26m. Any advice, good or bad.

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Condition will give a indication if it’s been looked after . Condition of prop iffy repairs . Same with the harness . Welds on the frame from repairs ‘ Ross motor is a pig to pull over compression , some were fitted with decomp’ Valve though . Give the prop a pull fore\aft check g\box bearings, should be zero play . If it’s been unused for some time carb would benefit from new diaphragms etc.. be good if you can see it running also . Take the prop off if starting on the floor just in case . .  There’s lots of things you could check but you’ll need tools the above you only need eyes and ears .  Keep us informed , good luck .

cas . 

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