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Lovely early flight

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Managed to drag my sorry a** out of bed early as I knew conditions would be good. Just a few interesting snippets from the flight.

It was a nil wind take-off, so concentration and keeping pressure on the A's until the wing was overhead. A longer run to get airborne, to be expected, but as the field is covered with seeding dandelions (one o'clocks to those of a certain age), once seated I noticed the lower half of my shins were covered with seeds, so I helped to spread them round a bit.

The air was smooth as silk, very nice to fly in. I have seen some wildlife from overhead but the best was this morning, a fox chasing a rabbit across a field. The rabbit got away.

The landing was also nil wind so quite fast, did a long skid on my heels before coming to a halt. T/O at 6:50 and 1 hr 37 m in the air, brilliant, but surprisingly cold.




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Mt trike was covered with seeds when I landed this morning too...........best flight in ages and well worth getting up (not as early as you though).

I tried my Gerbing heated jacket for the first time........really toasty warm as it was a bit chilly.

My only problem was coming down............a couple of thermal close to my strip lifted me back up and even with engine off I wasn't altogether sure I would get down before the end of the field, but all ok in the end :D

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