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Parked at 600 feet

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Went to the field last night even though it was quite windy. I was hoping that it would die down before sunset so spent an hour 'parawaiting'.

The gusts did subside enough to take to the air but it was quite windy further up as I discovered. Once at 600 feet with trimmers out I found I was parked, which seemed really odd to be just hanging in the air and not moving. In some ways it was disconcerting because you get used to forward movement so you 'know' you are flying.

However with speedbar engaged I could make headway when into wind so did a few circuits of the local fields. When I landed there were a couple of motorcyclists on vintage motorbikes at the gate so we got chatting, one of them does paragliding and both had done some speedwing flying. Always good to share experiences.

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