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Colin Stevens

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Hello Colin

We've kited on Woughton Pavillion a few times. Unofficially. They don't seem to mind. However nobody has secured a real take off and landing place in MK yet. Still looking :)

There's two instructors. Clive Mason near Market Harbourough way and there's also Simon Westmore, who runs this site. I went to him. Both a top people and well respected in the sport.

Welcome to the madness


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Hi Colin,

I'm looking for a buddy to go kiting with. Do you keep training during the winter?

I've used the Ouzel Valley Park in Woughton on the Green and Bury Field in Newport Pagnell (this one just last weekend) even in busy days without any issues. I didn't take my motor though - I wonder if people would make a fuss otherwise.

Let me know if you'd like to meet to practice together someday when the weather is nice 😃



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