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Dudek universal 1.1 review??

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This is a very timely post, I was about to ask the same question! They look like really good wings and I am tempted to get myself one.

What are peoples thoughts on sizing for a low hours pilot?

Given an all up weight (without fuel) of 110Kg that puts me right at the top of the 25.5m wing and middle ish on the 28. (using the data table here)

What size would people say is a wise move given the "lifty" nature of this wing?

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I have a Uni1.1 23m. 

I'm not best placed to review it as such as i've only had one flight on it so far.  But it seems to be a very popular wing with really great reviews.  That's why I went for it.  Great speed range with the trimmers meaning that a lot of pilots probably wouldn't even need speed bar.

Quality is very good from what I've seen with my wing and you get good stuff with it, rucksack, stuff sack and also a dew bag.

I've done an unboxing video and a ALC install video which will show some detail of it, link below...


But also, check out Sandy's channel on Youtube as he has some great videos of him flying the Uni 1.1, just search Wiltshire Man and you'll find him.



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