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My name is Scott, Have a P2 cert for paragliding, novice.  Just bought Cors air Black Devil 172 CC. Bought used  paramania revolution reflex 28 wing. Never flown paramotor before.


Should I install head temp meter? Do I need all in one meter for RPM and hrs or separate for each?

Advice on economical and easy to use communication system for pilot and ground man and where to buy.

It cost me and my son $4000 on paraglider lessons. Should I spend another $4000 for paramotor lessons or learn on own. Any helpful books/videos other than youtube.

Any other info for or advice to  beginner  that is new to this sport.

Thanks so much

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$4000 seems insanely expensive. No more than £1000 for a crash course if you went together.

Pilot handbook by Mark dale is worth reading.

If the motors new I'd track hours for the resell value, apart from that I'd like to know the rpm but it's not a deal breaker.

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Hi, I don't know many people who worry about metering anything so I'd forget about that for the time being. I would recommend some training though, $4K sounds a bit  much if you already have paragliding experience. Don't just think you can work it out from YouTube vids, that's a bit foolhardy.

Personally, I learned to paraglide and then did an intensive one week course to learn how a fly with an engine - backed up with lots of reading and I wish I'd done more - took me much longer to gain confidence than it should have done.  In terms of reading, take a look at Jeff Goin ppc bible, seems well thought of and whatever you do, steer clear of any USA egomaniac YouTube stars who sell either 'free' or 'super' training - they are dangerous and unethical. If you need to ask why then use google.

Hope you enjoy it!




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