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27th May Collecting Motors.


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On the 27th of May the tip to tip pilots and ground crew are booked in to Parajet to build our motors. ( They will have much of the time consuming stuff already done. ) this is a good way of taking the pressure off the boys in the workshop and getting to know your motor well.

This day will be forming a part of the DVD so Dan The Camera Man will be there with all his gadgets.

Please let me know if you will be able to make this date.


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Hi Team.

Yes, I will be there.

But if this is cancelled could somebody please tell me ASAP. Im supposed to be at a meeting in Exeter on 27th, I will lose big brownie points for not going (hay Ho!) So will divert to that and pretend I was never going to miss it.

See you all soon.

Whitters. :D

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I would like to thank Gilo and staff for all there work today in helping us build our Parajet Macro paramotors. :D

I never knew just how much work goes into buiding these machines :o

Also it was good to meet all the other tip to tip pilots and ground crew too, and put names to faces at last :)

Sorry i missed you Simon when i left, you had dissappered someware???

Thanks again for a very informative day

Simon Payne

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Yep, ditto to Simon Payne's post above. its been a great day and some valued info on the machines if they go wrong, which will give us the experience to put it right ourselves.

Hoping my next day off will be a flyable one.

Regards Mike

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Ditto the ditto’s

Great - very educational for me.

e.g – Took me ‘a good few minutes’ and plenty of sweat and swear words JUST to take the Electronic box cover off last time – very stiff and not sure how it was fixed – NOW I KNOW. :)

Many thanks to all – Double ditto’s for lunch too – profits must be good :wink::)

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Assembled yesterday flown today.


Which getrs a big thumbs up from me


Perranporth beach on another day, just to show Cornwall.


Pottered around the sky for an hour tonight. The machine felt nice and light on my back and delivered loads of thrust which is such a luxury for me. Nil wind launch and I was scooped off and upwards without my usual dip, skimmer along, and slow climb out. Was able to maintain altitude with less than half revs. Very impressed with the macro. It just feels right, better than I expected. 1 hour ten mins was approx 4.5 ltrs but not sure.

Can't wait for tip to tip. Tomorrow (or fri) I will top-up fuel tank to max and fly at steady altitude untill its close to empty to test endurance for tip to tip planning.

Great to meet everyone and big big thanks to Giles and his team. Lovely people. Will let you know how endurance goes.

Regards Whitters, the guy with a big grin on his face. :D

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Hi All,

What an excellent day and many thanks to Parajet for their hospitality.

Really enjoyed putting those nice shiny new bits together. What well enginered kit the Parajet is and to have Witters able to take his motor down to cornwall running and ready to go, just needs run in, was really satisfying.

Look forward to hearing about your maiden flight with her Witters get to know her well after all your going to be spending quite some time in intimate contact just hope theres no pressure sores by the end :D:lol:

Cheers Col....

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