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First Paramotor Wing

Mark Pugh

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After passing my POWER rating in October 2017, I've just saved enough "magic beans" to buy a second hand Zenith with polini thor 130 engine.

I have saved another £900 towards a suitable wing and I am stuck between a Paramania REVO 2 26 EN-B, or a Ozone Speedster 28 EN-C. My brain tells me I should gain experience on the lower rated wing initially, but my heart is more interested in the Speedster.

I have 400 hours on a paraglider, with lots of competitions and several flights over 100km's. But that was before 2000, in the last two years I'm averaging 5 hours a year ! Hence I took my power rating to improve my flight duration this year.

REVO or SPEEDSTER, same price, same weight range. I'm looking to boat around the countryside, not race everywhere! I'm 87 kg and feeling all of my 54 years, shorter runs appreciated....

What do you think?

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Damn, opinions are wonderful, but I wish we all had the same one!

My old instructor says "Speedster" no contest, but I'm still turning towards the EN-B REVO 2 wing for my first year to gain experience. When and if I want to upgrade, I'll be more confident buying new knowing I'll use it often. At the moment I need to keep it cheap to try it for a year....

Is the original Speedster much newer than the REVO 2, I think Speedster is 2014, whilst REVO2 was 2010.


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hmm, others won't be flying the two wings mentioned and none are you. so try and get a demo on the two wings and decide yourself. in many ways a wing or paramotor are both like choosing to buy a car.with a car you don't just buy. you test drive then decide.but you should already know this.      so demo the two wings then make up your own mind...... oh having a demo on a wing should never ever cost anything.and if it does.dont buy the  wing..    like i always say. they want to sell the wing. then let people have there test drive. which costs nothing!!!        savvey



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Unfortunately both sellers were at opposite ends of the country, and I'm smack bang in the middle. Whichever I went to see, was the one I would buy if it was good, not going back again all that way!

I'm 20 years out of date on paragliding, did loads until 2000 and then started a family; tried to start again two years ago, put 5 hours on a wing that year and only 3 hours last year. Too far from the hills.

I'm never going to compete or do acrobatics, just want to boat around for fun. So decided on the REVO 2. Went to ground handle it, it flew up easily and stayed above my head whilst I walked along slowly. So haggled and bought it. The previous owner bought it new to learn to paramotor, but in the first few days of paragliding, fell in love with the quiet and gentle paragliding scene, so never bought a  motor! This wing has never been flown with an engine and only has a maximum of 12 hours on it. Nice and clean, well packed with many extras.

I have yet to fly with it, only had it 6 days and the weather is balmy at the  moment, waiting for a nice dry evening. Already got permission from a local farmer to use his field.

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On 4/22/2018 at 14:19, AndyB said:

I've had Roadster 2 (EN-B) since training and been very happy with it for the past 18 months. I haven't felt the need for something else yet and done 90 flights now.

I was watching a video on the Roadster 2 and it looked like the pilot pulled it up super easily. With as easily as it came up, I'm wondering if the lighter (and more expensive) Spyder would be unnecessary? I mean, I literally thought it was the Spyder at first because of how easily it shot up. 

The ultra light weight of the Spyder has really fascinated me but if there's truly not that much of a difference then I might as well go for the Roadster 2. As long as speed and effeceincy are pretty good, it sounds like a winner. 

Having had it for so long, have you ever tried to rip around on it and really test the limits of what it's capable of (arco wise and speed wise)? How is it when launching in nil wind?

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I do gentle wing overs and 306's with a spin rate of about 1.5 to 2 secs/turn. That's my limit. :) It will easily do a  much faster spin rate and I am careful to not let it - g force not too good for my back.

I find nil wind launch is OK, but does need a really good push. I struggle because of my back, so now only power launch. Wing pops up perfectly every time. Not had a failed forward launch for nearly 30 flights now. :)




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