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Paramotor power difference

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I've got a 185 moster classsic that claimed to only have 10hrs on it. I've done about 5hrs flying since I've bought it and starting to think it gains height much slower than my friends 185 moster plus, why is this? 

He's literally off the ground in 4 steps where as I'm more like 15-20 with a brief moment of 'is it going to make It' going through my head. Full throttle, no difference there. Do I have some machine maintenance due or is it due to pilot weight ( I'm 3stone heavier and have a wing relevant to my weight).

I've checked the cylinder head and no sign of damage, could it be down to fuel/air ratio?

Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance 

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Your mixture is likely just a little off. There is a very, very small amount of tuning the high speed jet required to hit maximum performance. Just too rich and it will not quite get to full rpm. Measuring rpm is the easiest way.  If you don't have rpm meter then you can do it by ear. You must always avoid being lean.

By ear, mark the current position of the high speed jet. This important to ensure a) you can see ho much you have adjusted it and b) you can always put it back where it was.

Next, engine off, wind the mixture screw in (clockwise from top) a small amount. Aim for about 2 minutes (minutes being just like a clock face, with 60 minutes a full turn). Then fire up, make sure warmed up and see if it sounds better - revving higher. With a rev meter you can see rpm and know how from it's peak performance you are.

Repeat. Engine off. Another 2 minutes in. 

Repeat a few more times and you will find rpm starts to drop off. There is a small band of needle position where the engine is at it's max revs. Now you know where this band is, it is now VERY important to open the mixture screw back to the most open position that gave maximum revs. You MUST avoid being too lean as this is a very quick way to destroy your engine.

I travel back and forth between Spain and UK. The change in temperature makes a massive difference and I always have to tweak it.

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