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Nirvana Rodeo Walboro Carb Primer Ports


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Hey Guys, Felt i needed to post this because i had a lot of trouble figuring out where the holes go for a primer bulb on a nirvana Walboro 37 Carb. I bought the Primer Line ports, or "sockets" (Parts can be found here: https://www.paramotors-shop.com/socket )from the Paradrenalin Guys and drilled my own holes which saved me from having to buy the custom Walboro Carb from Paradrenalin which costs like $350 after shipping and tax. Instead you can buy it from Ebay for like $80 and drill the holes yourself. Here is a step by step:

  1. buy sockets here https://www.paramotors-shop.com/socket
  2. Buy Carb Cleaner
  3. Buy Fuel resistant 2 part epoxy. (J-B Weld)
  4. Remove top cover (fuel pump cover) for Carb (be very careful not to rip the gaskets)
  5. The drill bit size might be 3.5mm but I'm not sure. double check that the diameter of the drill bit is the same or less than the diameter of the socket. 
  6. Center the drill bit as far away from all carb walls as possible. it might help to drill a small pilot hole beforehand.
  7. drill through from the bottom side of the top plate keeping the drill bit as straight as possible.
  8. take the socket peices and remove half the length of the brass nipple to ensure it is short enough to fit. be careful not to remove too much. 
  9. gently tap the sockets into place (but not all the way in) with a hammer, or your favorite crescent wrench. 
  10. apply JB weld conservatively around the shaft of the socket. (this is to ensure there is no air intrusion into the carb which could cause an engine out)
  11. insert the sockets completely into their respective holes. 
  12. align the socket nipples as not to obstruct any other hoses or the removal of any screws. 
  13. Use a chain link press (here) to flare out the ends of the sockets to prevent them from slipping out of the holes. (not required)
  14. allow sufficient dry time in accordance with the directions of the epoxy. the epoxy is not fuel resistant until it has fully cured. 
  15. once epoxy is cured, ensure there are no contaminates on the fuel pump cover. 
  16. spray with carb cleaner to get that baby spotless!
  17. Done!


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