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SkyEngine 220

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Nope, I saw all the videos, had some speculation, mentioned it in the Tornado thread I think, is hyped, but that's all.

Probably built around the Sky Engines 110s parts. Looks like a single PWK carburetor.
Since there is no extra info about it and since they only have one prototype we don't even know if they aim to hit the market with a similar product, we can only assume that since they are showing it.

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Well, from looking at the engine, it's 2 110s cylinders, on a single crank, radiator, carb and exhaust.

The Sky 110s is around 25HP, so it can be assumed, that this is would be in the range of 40+HP. 

110s is roughly 14kg dry, so this would definitely weigh in access of 23kg dry.



Also - yay! First post. 

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12 hours ago, Casper said:

Weight is already reported at 17,5kg for the prototype.

I don't see that happening. Single cylinder Sky engine is around 14kg and this one has 2x heads and jugs, 2x pistons, and the crank will have to be heavier than the original. Also all the cooling and exhaust pipes. Also, this engine will take a lot of coolant, which will add a bit of weight as well. A Sky 100 uses 750ml of coolant, so this will need considerably more. I just don't see any way of making this in the reported weight, unless without the cooling liquid and by using really expensive materials, like titanium for exhaust. 

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