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I just forward this since I didn't see it on the forum, spread the word, and let everyone you know sign the petition.




Simon Westmore, maybe you should send a mass email about this to all forum members?

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From a FB post:

"Hi, posted on another forum about Brize Norton.

Luke Nicol:
Forwarded from another forum. "Rafbrizenortonconsultation@ospreycsl.co.uk  this is the only place you can object to the proposed airspace extensions.
The 2 petitions being publicised will achieve nothing! Even if they get 5000 signatures if they accept it. It will only count for 1 objection. Exactly the same for group submissions from clubs and organisations. And our governing body. Individual responses to the e mail above are the only accepted way of objecting.  Please share this with paraglider and club groups. We need to ALL object to help keep crosscountry routes free."

Apparently us all filling out the change . org petition is not the correct way to object. We need to make sure we aren't all wasting our effort on something that won't be seem!"

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Agree, it's a waste of time with change. But important to have a "counter" so it shows that people dislike it, it's also a good platform for you to spread it with social media.

But yes, read the articles, and read the two PDFs to fully understand how it affects the GA community and maybe you and your friends.

They have included everything in the documents, don't be intimidated to read it, all the pros and cons are there, question is how they should balance it for the future. You can see how you should respond on page 41 in the first link. The deadline was 22 march, but it is now changed to 5 April 2018. So you have two days to make your voice heard.

Since I personally don't even live in UK it's not my business, and I'm not even sure how much it have been discussed, but I guess BHPA should represent the paragliding and paramotor community, make sure they do. But just to be sure, make your own voice heard as well.

If anything at least read this:

It's already very clear how it will affect pilots, just look at flight patterns around the existing zones. We usually avoid it like the plague.


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