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First Membury Visit

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Visited the Membury flying site for the first time last weekend.

I had high hopes of being there for the whole weekend and getting a good few flights in.  hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha  How naive!   This is the UK!

Well Saturday got rained off completely.  But headed down sunday as it was forecast to stay dry.  Unfortunately the ground was so wet that it splashed your trousers every step.  There was no way my brand new wing was coming out to play :-(

But still it was good to see the place and meet Simon, Colin and a few others that were there for training.  It actually got quite busy during the day which was great to see.  People at various points in their training.  And despite the pretty terrible conditions they were happy to have their older wings dragged around the field so that people didn't have a wasted journey.

It was a really good training vibe there, both Simon and Colin are really encouraging and I could see people making good progress throughout the day and even a few flights towards the end of the day with people doing some nice touch and go's.   They kept moving among the students making sure everyone had attention and each time gave them something to work on and practice while they went to assist the next student.  It's a good way to train as those moments when you are left to just get on on your own are great as they give you less pressure of being 'watched' but adds the pressure of making it happen on your own.I wasn't there as a student but with a friend who's learning, but as a complete novice myself it was good to listen in and pick up tips too.  

Good to meet you Simon and Colin, I'm glad I went down there and hope to return very soon. :)



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