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Forward Launching Lightweight wings, do they go offline easier?

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as title outlines...does anyone here feel that, when forward launching a lightweight wing, its easier for the wing to go offline than a standard wing?

I only ask this because after having got the sirocco, i find it is much more difficult to get that wing to come up straight than my dudek wing. The Dudek seems to just want to come up straight...the Sirocco appears to want to come up anything but straight.

The slightest loading to one side, whether from moving air or line tension, and over it goes before wing gets anywhere near overhead where it can be easily corrected by side stepping or adding opposite brake (or both). I blew 5 launches in a row yesterday because of the wing doing this repeatedly...I cant remember the last time i blew 3 in a row let alone 5. I even tried setting up with a pronounced "V" in the wing instead of an arc...didnt make any difference :$ 

The wing seems extremely sensitive to asymmetric loading...its as if i have to learn how to launch again. After 130 hours of motoring and 400 hours free flying this is an unexpected experience.


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@ Alan, yes I think that is also part of the reason undoubtedly, however the dudek is far less sensitive to variable light wind conditions

@Simon, very good point. You have reminded me that was something going through my head after all those failed launches. I remember when I first started learning how to free fly I used to have problems when forward launching that felt as if that was my problem...ie couldn't detect what the wing was doing as it was coming up, so not being used to the feedback compared with the dudek universal may very well be a new learning experience for me?

At present I have two thoughts...

1. I am currently using my DLE powered ppg unit which has a prop on it that doesn't produce very good thrust. Because I power launch I am thinking perhaps I am taking it a bit too easy on the wing with my initial throttle settings and the wing is easily popping up off the ground, but then is not getting enough forward momentum once it climbs above the prop wash zone to get overhead properly? Trouble is, when looking at it out of the corner of my eye, it appears to be going offline whilst still in the prop wash zone. Perhaps I am inadvertently directing the thrust at one side of the wing whilst looking over my right shoulder when launching?

2. The lower feedback on the lighter wing. Not sure whether lightweight wings produce less line tension when launching...I suppose if the wing is lighter than that would make sense?


Maybe I am just being too tender on a new wing and need to "brutalise" it a little when launching :D

I think that perhaps my next plan is to do some forward launching practise using a free flying harness so I can get used to how it comes up.

I am also pulling my finger out completing the exhaust repairs that have grounded my Nirvana ppg unit for the last month. I am sure that flying a better and more familiar unit will help sort the issue (I have most of my hours on the Nirvana and it has better throttle setup, has a much smoother power curve and finally, produces much better thrust).

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