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Blackhawk 125 Thoughts?


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Hi All,

I'm new to the sport and scheduled to start my training in 4 weeks.  I have the option of getting a new set-up Blackhawk 125 Lite motor,  Velocity Core wing, reserve, etc for around $9000 USD.  This seems like a good price, but I'm wondering about the quality and reliability of the brand.  Anyone have experience with this equipment.  Thanks in advance, JK

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Why do you think it's a good price? What do you compare with?
Also check your budget for hidden costs, is that all the equipment you need?

Look at the stuff and determine if it looks like good quality or not, even a visual inspection should be more than enough for that. They have high res pictures and youtube videos. Compare it with other brands, and read all about it. Don't skip details, that way you will get a better understanding then just asking if it's good or bad to random people who might be biased.

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Hi Casper,

Thanks for the quick response.  I looked at the models and packages offered by Aviator PPG out of Florida, USA, Flat Top, The Nitro 200.   All seem at least $1500-$3000 more.  I do feel that you get what you pay for so I was hoping that someone might have some first hand knowledge.  I'm starting training in 4-6 weeks and plan to make my purchase decision after the first portion of the training.  If you or anyone reading this can provide input on the Blackhawk or recommend another set-up, that would be great!

All The Best,


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