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Head-on collision


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hi i just watched the lethal incident andyB.  rip for the lady who died.via video.and i can imagine the  pilot was too busy watching the people below.and the skydiver was concentrating or focusing on the landing . and with that = pilot errors = death.  so sorry for all and family.

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No idea why this is on here as its a skydiver incident - they mistakenly use the word paraglider.

The slightly higher jumper (a Russian paratrooper - travelling from right to left onscreen) was not following the predesignated pattern. The skydiver that died, like the previous 22 jumpers, was following the agreed landing pattern.

Two skydivers should never be facing each other on the final approach. 

Saying that - you have a responsibility to have your head on a swivel at all times under canopy - had she done this she could have acted accordingly. Blue Skies young lady RIP.

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18 minutes ago, AndyB said:

It might be skydivers, but I thought it gave some important learning re LZs. With the fly-in season coming this too could happen to you...

Yes Andy - apologies I was actually perplexed by the use of 'paragliding' in the article rather than your posting of it here.

"Right out of a fight" (turn right) is the general rule of thumb (all things being equal) when 2 skydivers head towards each other - Turn right but not so hard that you spiral/hit the ground. Normally its too late to make a safe manoeuvre this low hence the 'head on a swivel' when under canopy/wing so you don't get in this position in the first place. 


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