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Training in the UK

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Hello everyone !

I am based in Liskeard, Cornwall and am interested in learning to fly a Paramotor.  However, there do not seem to be many active training courses in the South-West - I contacted "Phippsy" of Cloud 9, but he said that he is planning on taking some time out this year and would not be doing any training courses locally this year.  My next closest option is Axis Training based in Wales, some 150 miles from me;  I contacted them, but they say that due to the distance involved it would be difficult to ensure flyable weather, and suggested that I look abroad.  Having suggested looking abroad and saying that they are aware of companies that do such courses, they then said that they would not be able to recommend any particular company...

So, my question is can anyone suggest the best way for me to get training from absolute beginner level; I would be happy to travel and stay somewhere for a few days, provided it's not too far, but would rather stay in the UK if possible.  I hope somebody here will be able to help.

Many thanks in advance.

Jeremy Hammett


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It mainly depends on your availability and how much notice you need to give. :-) 

If those things are in your favour then it will be no problem. We have taught loads of people from Scotland over the years, and even the Isle Of Man..

If you have the time and can standby for a decent weather week, that's the bulk of it done :-) 

Welcome to the Paramotor Club! :-) 



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