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What i mean is really, is  there a legal requirement and certification for paramotor instructors, or can i learn my buddies as long as i follow the syllabus, i've personally never really given it much thought, i paid me money when i learnt and never questioned it until my friends asked to be tutored, when i look into it people seem to learn themselves these days, so i must be able to learn the lads right!!.

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Its not luck  alan_k its skill,  is teaching someone and learning someone not the same, bit petty!!! i appreciate your educated opinion? school teacher by chance, or a subscriber to Grammarly, so i take it as no there is no certification to becoming an instructor, just a case of having the student follow a syllabus, in an organised and responsible manner,  as i did myself all those years ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9Su21g-tck this guy does it for free, maybe we should put something back, teaching my buddies in the appropriate way,  safely under supervision of an experienced individual can only be a good thing,? ( no different to an instructor ) 

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There is no legal requirement for you to do anything to start teaching people to fly other than those of the normal business responsibilities.

That said, anyone looking into setting up in this industry would be stupid not to do so via PMC or the BHPA when looking at the actual costings, timings and rewards equation. :-) 

Our instructors course teaches you how to teach, it teaches you how to see peoples different needs (no one is the same) I had to attend and pass this course myself and feel very proud to have done so. This in it's self remains worth the cost. :-) to this day.  I guess if you have taught before or been taught how to teach and see the differences in people... Are they a Theorist or a Pragmatist? An activist maybe? Can YOU spot the difference? 

Do you know how to deal with that in the learning environment? If so you should be OK. :-) A professional instructor will go out of his or her way to know this stuff. A simple course can teach you it opting to NOT attend some kind of instructional teaching course is preparing to fail IMO.



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Little things like how much you learn from what you hear, from what you see and what you do are important, understanding how and why people learn differently and how to teach or instruct rather than simply tell.

Instruction is as much about understanding your pupil as it is about the knowledge of what you are teaching.

I've actually coached people by simply encouraging them to explore and discuss their own strengths and weaknesses and come up with their own solutions to their problems and produce their own development plans in areas that I have known very little about the subject matter. I've known coaches develop olympic champions who were nowhere near that standard themselves. 

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