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Fuel warning L.E.D.s

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I am looking at the possibility of adding a low fuel warning L.E.D system to my motor. I don't really fancy the whole fuel gauge thing as it looks like too much Ag. There was an article here posted years ago from a guy who had lights to warn of low fuel but this seemed to suggest he had an electric start and so a battery for a power source. I have no such luxury as I am a pull start kinda guy. Does anyone have some definitive ideas and diagrams etc please. Also where would be the best place to mount them?



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I use a'' Fly Henry ''' fuel / temp / rpm guage witch have a low fuel /warning  indicator(led) build in. 

I always use my  fuel to calculate my time flying.    

The fuel guage and warning led is only used to confirm  what I know, I never relied on it ; every time I knew when the warning light will come on .

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