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Adam J Edgar Icepeak 6 Low Altitude Oh S#$t moment at Stanwell Park

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Hi guys,

not a motoring video, but im sure you wont hold that against me...this is one of those heart stopping moments a paraglider pilot really doesn't want to encounter whilst very low to trees. I was flying a 2 liner Icepeak 6 glider and lost 2 of 3 A lines on left wing in the frontal collapse, spinning me and the harness 90 degrees in the process. For those who may not have flown high aspect ratio wings, any kind of issue like this at low altitude is massively dangerous and the chances of recovering from this height are not good if the high performance wing does not pop back out again almost immediately. Fortunately for me, on this occasion i got it flying quickly and flew away from the incident with only poop in my pants!


From the screenshots you can clearly see that 2 of 3 left A lines were affected, so the left wing collapse was quite a decent one and i was actually very very lucky to fly away from this with minimal height loss.

I was still shaking when i top landed 10 minutes later



adamjedgar Icepeak 6 left wing frontal at Stanwell Park 1.png

adamjedgar Icepeak 6 left wing frontal at Stanwell Park 2.png

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On 05/03/2018 at 06:25, Casper said:

Not loose like in snapped, he meant 2 of 3 A lines to describe the size of the collapse.

Very quick recovery, lucky!

Indeed...very lucky.

I have flown the icepeak in some crappy conditions,however i was feeling pretty uneasy after this one. I gave that spot a wide berth and eve tually after another few heart fluttering moments...left the area completely and flew much closer to the ocean laminar air.

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