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Newbie after guidance

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Hi all just joined, looking to get into the world of paramotoring. Live in Bristol just wondering where I start. Is it as fun and relaxing as everything I've heard? What's the set up costs I'm around 95kg so would need to know pricing for getting set up for that weight. 

Is there a lot of opportunities for flying in the uk, what with the wonderful weather we have here. 

Thanks in advance for any help guys. 

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Welcome to the Paramotor Club! :-) 

Bristol puts you firmly in our neck of the woods for training :-) Please do give me a call 7 days, up to 21:00 for a chat. 

In terms of kit, your weight will not effect the cost as it is a normal weight for the normal kit :-) 

New Paramotor: £5500 (ish)

New Wing: £2700 (ish) 

Second hand motor: £3000 (ideally not less) 

Second hand wing: £1800 (ideally not less) 

A good bit of advice would be to not worry about the kit until you have had a flight or two. Most decent schools have kit for people to use.


07983 428 453 



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Clearly Bristol isn't viable to fly, but there were a fair few active pilots who flew  in the surrounding areas (mainly around Bath). I haven't lived in the area for a while, but I'm sure many of them are still around. Good bunch of lads & I'm sure they'll be happy to chat about flying in the area & maybe show you some kit.

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